Get a customized welding floor turntable at standard lead times

PrestonEastin welding floor turntables are high-precision, low-cost welding positioners designed to rotate larger workpieces around a vertical axis. We have a wide range of solutions available for your applications and specialize in accommodating the most stringent design specifications. Welding turntable solutions are commonly used in welding applications such as pipes, shafts and vessels.

Each welding floor turntable is engineered to handle high capacities and speeds while occupying minimal floor space. They are ideal for welding, flame cutting, thermal spraying, grinding, painting, X-raying and drill press positioning but their possible applications are endless. PrestonEastin also provides anti-backlash solutions that can retain the fluid motion and precision of your turntable during operation.

Our team can fully customize a rotary welding-positioned turntable that is large enough or small enough for your application at the lowest profile possible. Common customizations include:

  • Anti-backlash solutions
  • Typical capacity ranges from 500 Ibs (227 kg) to 200,000 Ibs (54,531 kg), with higher/lower possible
  • Speed ranges from 0.03 RPM to 300 RPM
  • Table diameters from 22 in (56 cm) to 12 ft (3.66 m)

You can further customize a welding positioner turntable with accessories such as grippers, chucks, foot switches and wireless control pendants.

Why use a rotating welding positioner?

Rotating welding table solutions offer numerous benefits for individual employees as well as the company. These benefits include:

  • Increased accuracy, quality and repeatability: The rotary welding positioner better ensures that tools and pieces are in the exact same position every time, producing consistent, high-quality welds.
  • Worker comfort, health and safety: The welding table is adjusted to the height and comfort level of the operator, vastly reducing extraneous movements, fatigue, and the risk of accidents as well as repetitive stress injuries.
  • Reduced footprint: The weld table can include numerous tools in a compact space, reducing clutter on the facility floor.
  • Semi-automatic capabilities: When connected to an external power source, the weld positioner can facilitate semi-automatic operation, further increasing speed and productivity.

Common alternatives to turntables are headstocks / tailstocks (for welding on a horizontal axis) and 2-axis positioners (for when an additional tilt axis is needed).

Contact PrestonEastin to discuss how our team can manufacture a welding floor turntable for your facility. No matter what your needs are, PrestonEastin can customize any product to your exact specifications.

Product Lookup

Select weight capacity
  • 500lb / 226.8kg
  • 2500lb / 1133.98kg
  • 6000lb / 2721.55kg
  • 12000lb / 5443.11kg
  • 40000lb / 18143.70kg
  • 80000lb / 36287.39kg
  • 120000lb / 54431.09kg