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Welding Positioners

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Get repeatable quality with our durable welding positioners

Lowering manufacturing costs while ensuring repeatable quality is possible with our Made in America welding positioners. In fact, PrestonEastin welding positioners increase productivity by 30% on average. They even lower manufacturing costs by limiting welding start-stops as well as increasing welding speeds and deposition rates.

Our team’s subject matter expertise in designing welding positioners will ensure repeatable quality between batches and operators. Between our consultative approach and industry experience, we can guarantee an optimal positioner tailored for your application.

Improve your utilization and efficiency metrics

PrestonEastin offers a full line of standard welding positioners that specialize in positioning workpieces, including: 2-axis positioners, welding turntables, headstocks / tailstocks and turning rolls. We also provide welding manipulators and side beam carriages that specialize in positioning welding heads.

When both types of positioners work together, they can significantly increase repeatable quality and productivity. While our standard lines account for most capacity loads and speeds, our team can customize equipment for specific applications to ensure safe, repeatable and dependable positioning.

Positioning workpieces

The following equipment specifically positions workpieces. Our 2-axis positioners (or tilt / turn positioners) provide versatility for manipulating workpieces on both vertical and horizontal axes and are ideal for pipe applications such as flanges and elbows. Welding turntables, on the other hand, are for applications that require workpieces to be positioned upright and rotated on a vertical axis.

In addition, turning rolls are designed for larger or heavier workpieces, pressure vessels and tanks. Lastly, headstocks / tailstocks are used for workpieces that are positioned at 90 degrees (or horizontally) and need to be rotated on the horizontal axis.

2-axis welding positioners

Our 2-axis welding positioners rotate workpieces at 360 degrees or tilt them up to 135 degrees while providing ergonomic positioning. Our standard models have load capacities as high as 24,000 Ibs (10,886 kg) at 12 in and as low as 100 lbs (45 kg) at 1 in.

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Welding floor turntables

Welding floor turntables are a high precision, cost-effective method for rotating a workpiece around a vertical axis at various speeds. Our standard line supports capacities from 500 lbs (226 kg) to 200,000 lbs (9,071 kg) at a 12 in CG offset.

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Headstock / tailstock welding positioners

Headstocks / tailstocks are ideal for workpieces that rotate about a horizontal axis and require support from one or two ends. Common customizations include adjusting the weight or size and adding another axis of elevation. Our standard equipment can support workpieces up to 35,000 Ibs (16,000 kg).

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Turning rolls

Turning rolls rotate cylindrical workpieces and multisided poles. Our standard line will support pipes and vessels ranging from 10,000 lbs (4,535 kg) to 400,000 lbs (181,436 kg) and workpiece diameters from 6 in to 30 ft.

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3-jaw welding chucks

Our 3-jaw welding chucks serve as an interface between the flat plate of a positioner and the workpiece. PrestonEastin has three classes: self-centering chucks that are ideal for 2-axis positioners, headstocks / tailstocks and turntables, spin lock chucks that can be mounted using three bolts as well as grippers with single point jaw adjustment for quick release.

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Positioning welding heads

Welding manipulators and side beam carriages position welding heads as opposed to workpieces. They help operators achieve a higher quality and consistent weld and ensure the welding tip maintains a consistent speed. As with all of our equipment, cost-effective customizations are possible.

Welding manipulators

Our welding manipulators support a full range of manual welding processes and are ideal for circumferential and longitudinal seam welding. They are classified based on their ability to handle increasingly heavy loads: light duty at 300 Ibs (136 kg) to 600 Ibs (272 kg); medium duty at 550 Ibs (249 kg) to 1300 Ibs (590 kg); heavy duty at 600 Ibs (272 kg) to 1500 Ibs (680 kg); and super heavy duty at 1100 Ibs (499 kg) to 2600 Ibs (1179 kg).

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Side beam carriages

Side beam carriages work for longitudinal and circumferential seam welds. PrestonEastin can provide standard variable speed drives with our VSC-500 and VSC 1500 models, which can hold loads of 500 Ibs (226 kg) and 1,500 Ibs (680 kg), respectively.

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Contact PrestonEastin to discuss how our team can manufacture a welding positioner for your facility. No matter what your needs are, PrestonEastin can customize any product to your exact specifications.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you have regarding our products or service.