PrestonEastin manipulators steadily maintain the position of a welding head in relation to a workpiece. They support a full range of manual and automated welding processes.

Unlike side beam carriages, manipulators offer up, down, in and out movement. They also pivot at their bases, which makes them infinitely variable and ideal for a broad range of circumferential and longitudinal seam welding.

Supporting the lightest and heaviest welding heads

Welding manipulators are commonly paired with turning rolls [link], headstocks / tailstocks and 2-axis positioners. A manipulator paired with a positioner can provide an added level of control to your process, improving quality and repeatability.

PrestonEastin classifies manipulators into three types based on load capacity:

  • Whitetail 200 Series at 200 Ibs (91 kg) to 400 Ibs (181 kg)
  • Light duty at 300 Ibs (136 kg) to 600 Ibs (272 kg)
  • Medium duty at 650 Ibs (295 kg) to 1200 Ibs (544 kg)
  • Heavy duty at 750 Ibs (340 kg) to 1500 Ibs (680 kg)
  • Super heavy duty at 1100 Ibs (499 kg) to 2600 Ibs (1179 kg)

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  • Light duty: 300 Ibs (136 kg) - 600 Ibs (272 kg)
  • Medium duty: 650 Ibs (295 kg) - 1200 Ibs (544 kg)
  • Heavy duty: 750 Ibs (340 kg) - 1500 Ibs (680 kg)
  • Super heavy duty: 1100 Ibs (499 kg) - 2600 Ibs (1179 kg)
  • Whitetail Series: 200 Ibs (91 kg) - 400 Ibs (181kg)

Collaborate with us for a customized manipulator

Our team’s collaborative process guarantees a customized manipulator that will easily integrate into your welding process. Integrating wireless controls is also possible.

PrestonEastin carefully considers capacity and environmental factors when selecting the right manipulator configuration for your application. To this end, we offer customizations for:

  • Cable Management
  • Control Preferences (e.g., wireless and multiple positioner integration)
  • Input voltages
  • Lift motors
  • Mast / Ram speed ranges
  • Mast / Ram stroke
  • Paint color
  • Ram motors


We offer two standard options for your manipulator’s base: an X-base or travel car.

An X-base provides rigid stability for manipulators supporting heavy loads. They are ideal for cellular manufacturing where relocating your manipulator isn’t a requirement.

Travel cars provide your manipulator with additional versatility by allowing it to traverse between multiple manufacturing cells. PrestonEastin offers two types of travel cars: non-powered travel cars for manual movement and powered travel cars with standard variable frequency drives for an additional level of automation.

If you’re interested in integrating a manipulator into your welding process, you can request a quote. No matter what your needs are, PrestonEastin can customize any product to your exact specifications.