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Robotic Positioners

Floor Turntable

Preston Eastin manufactures single vertical axis robotic floor turntables with up to 50,000 kg capacity. The units are designed to accept a servo motor and external axis control from the robot. Alternately, servo motor and controls or variable frequency drive and motor can be supplied by Preston Eastin.

Benefits and Applications

A robot turntable rotates a fabrication, weldment or assembly for operations such as painting, adhesive/sealant application, welding and grinding. This simplifies part presentation, reduces robot programming complexity and often allows use of a smaller robot. That lowers the cost of automation and may shrink the cell footprint.

Fabrication shops, paint shops and large equipment assembly areas often have a rotating positioner or turntable fixture to put workpieces into a convenient orientation for the job being done. An automation turntable serves the same purpose for a robot. It lets the programmer put the spray gun, applicator or welding torch at the ideal angle and distance from the surface for the task.

The quality and consistency of the finished product improves and there’s less rework. Customization maximizes the ROI from your rotary positioner table. At Preston Eastin, this starts by understanding what problems the rotary positioner should address, which then allows us to work on giving you the functions and capabilities you need.

  • 8″ to 60″ diameter steel or aluminium table (custom sizes available)
  • Options: Common skid with riser, table through-hole, blanchard ground and other table modifications

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