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Robot Transport Units

robot transport unit

Preston Eastin robot transport units (RTUs) provide precise linear movement for robotic applications. Whether your robotic unit is welding, material handling, or painting, Preston Eastin has the right RTU for your application. Our robust designs distinguish us from our competitors providing for low maintenance and reliable positioning solutions that maximize up-time. Specializing in customized designs, Preston Eastin ensures that your RTU is exactly what you need for your application.

A 7th Axis for Your Robots

An RTU consists of a pair of straight, parallel rails that carry a platform with a robot mounted on top. This “robot carrier” is located on the rails by precision linear ball bearing assemblies. These take the weight of the robot and minimize friction as it moves.

A rack and pinion mechanism drives platform movement as dictated by the servo motor controller. The hardened steel rack is mounted next to one of the rails while the pinion gear and motor are integrated into the platform.

Rails and rack are held in precise alignment by a structural steel frame. An unlimited number of frame sections can be joined to provide the robot a linear track. This design results in a space-saving, low-profile robot track system that integrates readily into many environments.

An RTU increases the utility and flexibility of 6-axis robots. No longer constrained by the 6-axis work envelope, the robot can now move along larger workpieces for painting, welding, or between machines for material handling. This saves buying additional robots, which lowers capital costs and avoids the risk of collisions between robots.

The rack and pinion design provides high acceleration and velocity along with excellent repeatability and load-carrying capability. Standard speed is 1 m/sec, (39”/sec) positioning repeatability is +/-0.25mm (≈0.010”). The heaviest-duty system handles a load of 3,600kg (7,900 pounds). When higher speeds and/or load capacities are needed or there are integration challenges to overcome, Preston Eastin engineers will customize systems to suit your needs.

Choose from an extensive range of options that will improve system ROI and reduce maintenance demands. Don’t overlook the available extended warranties, preventive maintenance packages, and installation support that will lower your ownership costs.

Click on the links below to download a 3D model to see which RTU will serve you best.

Click here for the RTU 30

Click here for the RTU 35

Click here for the RTU 45

Click here for the RTU 55


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