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2020 Trade Show Schedule Announced – Meet With Us The Year!

Let PrestonEastin know if you will be at any of these events, we can discuss your applications and how we can help. We will have representation at all of the shows below, as well as booths at a selected few. Contact us today!

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We Can Handle You Robotic Needs! Check Out Our Line of State of The Art Solutions.

Preston Eastin has been making high quality part positioners since 1972. Over the past 46 years, we have learned and grown in this industry, designing and manufacturing robotic positioning systems and equipment for precision operations while continually upholding foundational principles of safety and reliability. We understand our customers’ needs, and quickly respond with whatever option suits your application best. Our proven line of positioners and customized solutions meet positioning requirements […]

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Join us at FABTECH – November 2018!

Are you making plans to attend Fabtech in Atlanta?  If so, make sure you stop by the PrestonEastin booth so we can help you with solutions to make your company safer and more efficient. November 6th – 8th 2018 Booth #C12453 Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta GA https://www.fabtechexpo.com/attend  

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Selecting positioners for your robotic welding system

Robotic welding systems increase the level of automation of your process, facilitate a labor solution to increase efficiency and provide quality welds at competitive lead times. Robotic welding systems account for hidden variables in the cost of making a weld, such as the fillet weld size, weld volume or arc time, deposition rates, and gas flow while eliminating operator factors and spatter clean up. Consider a robotic welding system if […]

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Positioning equipment at each level of welding automation

Welding automation equipment is an ideal solution for increased demands of output. Although operators still play an important role in these systems, adding a level of automation to a welding process can greatly improve welding quality, turnaround times, and safety while reducing manufacturing inconsistencies. However, the decision to automate is serious and depends on your application. As such, clearly understanding what each level of welding automation offers will enable you […]

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When NASA needed a positioner to transport the Parker Solar Probe to Goddard, they trusted PrestonEastin.

We are proud to be a part of the team that worked on this project. It gives us great pride to know that before the Parker Solar Probe travels millions of miles to study the corona of the sun and the origins of solar winds, it first rested on a PrestonEastin positioner.

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Preston Eastin Robotic Skyhook

Check out this Preston Eastin Robotic Skyhook.  It has a 4,400 lb. capacity and an extended arm capable of holding a part of up to 120″ in diameter.   It also has a range of motion of 180 degrees on the tilt axis and 360 degrees on the rotate axis. Give us a call if we can customize a piece of equipment for your company!

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Join us at Fabtech November 2017!

Are you making plans to attend Fabtech in Chicago?  If so, make sure you stop by the Preston Eastin booth so we can help you with solutions to make your company safer and more efficient. November 6th – 9th 2017 Booth B32037 McCormick Place, Chicago

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20,000 Lb Capacity Pneumatic Headstock / Tailstock

20,000 lb pneumatically controlled Head and Tailstocks for paint booth applications. All explosion proof controls and shipping EARLY! Please consider Preston Eastin for all your positioner needs.

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Preston Eastin uses only the BEST positioning equipment in our facility – ours of course! A TDRA-5 Ton Turning Roll is used to rotate the rollers to this custom Fit Up Roll.

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